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Project ADA

Accelerating Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (ADA)

The University of Exeter wants to support academics at each stage of their career, helping people to reach their potential and become distinguished in their chosen fields. Through our investment in the development of our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and with the launch of Project ADA, we are delighted to share some information from some of our E&S colleagues about the benefits of following this pathway.

E&S Colleagues

Professor Nicola King

Professor Nicky King

Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education

"I am overseeing the E&S recruitment for Project ADA at Exeter and am excited to share this opportunity with other education professionals across the sector.

I began my career at Exeter on an E&S pathway and have progressed from a Lectureship to a position in Senior Leadership within the faculty of Environment, Society and Economy. Exeter values pedagogy and regards education with equal esteem to research within the institution, recognising the vital role that education specialists have in higher education and we are proud to have a career pathway designed for educators which supports progression to professorship and senior leadership roles. Education is the core foundation of what universities do, and in a changing world educating the next generation of teachers and researchers to understand and interpret data meaningfully is a vital role.

A career at Exeter gives teaching professionals an opportunity to advance their teaching career and innovate delivery methods to benefit students, as well as a meaningful progression structure within a well-regarded Russel Group institution. If you’d like to learn more then please get in touch!"

Professor Layal Hakim

Director of Education and Student Experience, Associate Professor (E&S)

"I have worked in an Education & Scholarship role at Exeter for five years and was recently promoted to Associate Professor. I’ve had the opportunity to lead and collaborate on several projects as part of the Exeter Education Incubator project grant, including:

  • Continuing Student Development - designed regular online assessments, and launched the Maths café.
  • The Exeter Spectrum Project - exploring ways on supporting neurodiverse students at university and forming the Autism Champions group.
  • Mobile Learning in Higher Education Mathematics - built an app to support learning.
  • Mathematics Without Tears or Fears - exploring pedagogical digital games that teach mathematical proofs.
  • Encompass: Decolonising STEM - exploring ideas on how to decolonise STEM subjects in higher education.

These opportunities have helped to shape and advance my pedagogy and I’m excited to develop into a leadership position and further embed these practices within the faculty."

Dr John Bruun

Lecturer in Mathematics

"I joined Exeter as a Mathematical Physicist and through the Education pathway have developed to apply my interests in data analytics and how we can better explain the climate system to advancing educational outcomes for students from all backgrounds.

I’m passionate about equality and am involved in leading the department’s ATHENA SWAN application, as well as working with the IOP Women in Physics Group to promote STEMM careers among underrepresented groups.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead the Decolonising STEM project within Mathematics and to progress my work in communicating science, including establishing creative ways to communicate physics to shape both public understanding and central policy."

Current job vacancies

Lecturer - Professor Accelerating Data Science and AI (E&R and E&S)

Lecturer in Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Data Science or AI