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Social inequalities across communities

Professor Jana Funke

Professor Jana Funke

Associate Professor of English and Sexuality Studies     @sciencesofsex    @TransThruTime    @outandaboutQTM


LGBTQ+ people encounter different forms of social inequality. One problem is that LGBTQ+ experiences are often underrepresented in educational, museum and heritage spaces. This makes it difficult for LGBTQ+ people to engage with other LGBTQ+ voices and histories, which can result in a lack of belonging and pride. It can also make it harder to explore different ways of being LGBTQ+ and build confidence. Over the last ten years, I have used my research on late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature and science to begin to address this problem. I have developed creative forms of engagement in collaboration with other academics, artists and performers, community groups and charities, museums, heritage sites and archives to centre diverse LGBTQ+ voices and make our histories and experiences more accessible to different audiences.

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