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Accommodation in Exeter

Student Accommodation Code

Many first year students choose to live in university accommodation and, to make sure this is of a good standard, the Student Accommodation Code has been developed by Universities UK and GuildHE. Follow the link and click on "See how it works" to view a video about the Student Accommodation Code.

The Code was introduced in 2006 and aims to enhance the residential experience for students across England and Wales.

The University of Exeter is fully committed to providing quality student accommodation and has signed up to the Student Accommodation Code for University owned and managed properties.

The Code protects your right to safe, good quality accommodation, and makes sure you get the best out of your time living in university residences. It outlines everything you can expect from your accommodation as well as your responsibilities as a tenant.

Read about our full commitment to the Student Accommodation Code in our Student Accommodation Code policy document‌‌.

If you have any questions please contact the Accommodation Office or your Residence Manager.