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Accommodation in Exeter


Residents must pay their charges for University residential accommodation on or before the dates set out in their accommodation agreement. Late fee charges, as stated in the University’s Fees Regulations, are payable for arrears.

Serious or persistent arrears will be regarded as a breach of the student’s accommodation agreement which could lead to it being terminated.

The disciplinary regulations and procedures applicable to students in debt to the University will apply to residents who owe accommodation charges or any other payment due under their accommodation agreement. Students should be aware that they will not be eligible for any award by the University unless all fees, charges, dues, and fines owing to the University have been paid in full.

If you have a query regarding payment of accommodation charges then please speak to the SID team located in the Forum. Read all the details about how to pay the accommodation charges.

The University is not required to make any repayment of pre-paid charges except as set out in the accommodation agreement or in the University Regulations.


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