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Degree Partnerships

New programme development

Our Degree Apprenticeships are built upon a strong foundation of partnership, with the employer and University working seamlessly together to develop industry-approved apprenticeship programmes.

Programmes in development

Listed below are our new apprenticeship programmes currently in development:

Please note that while these courses are in development, the University reserves the right to amend them or not to proceed with them at any time.

Healthcare Programmes

  • Level 7 Senior Leader Healthcare (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson)

Leadership and Management Programmes

  • Level 5 People Professional
  • Level 5 Operations or Departmental Manager
  • Level 7 Senior Leader Healthcare (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson)

Finance Programmes

  • Level 7 Accountancy Professional

Education Programmes

  • Level 7 Academic Professional

See also our current apprenticeship programmes, in Mining & Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Digital, and Leadership and Management.

Contact Us 

We are always keen to hear from employers about your requirements. 

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the programmes listed above or would like to discuss your organisation’s specific apprenticeship needs.