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Degree Partnerships


“I have been involved with the Degree Apprenticeship Diagnostic Radiographer course since the conception and had confidence that the University of Exeter would run this course with success.

The University of Exeter have been extremely open to feedback since the concept and have involved all the interested departments from the beginning. It has been really refreshing that they have tried to adapt to what our departments need.

One of the positives of working with the University of Exeter has been having a very open two-way conversation. Our contacts at Exeter are always quick to respond when asked any queries, and advice has been given freely and willingly. We are also given clear direction and expectations which I really like.

Another positive is how supportive the University of Exeter has been through the process; they are always on hand and available to give advice. It is clear that the University of Exeter is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and a great source of information.

The training provided by the University of Exeter has been very thorough and really helpful; the Apprenticeship Guide book was a brilliant addition. The team at Exeter have been totally amazing with advice regarding recruitment, paperwork and timelines. Our key contact based at the University of Exeter truly has been a font of all knowledge and it is very reassuring to have her guiding us through.

I have already recommended the Degree Apprenticeship programme and have had multiple enquiries from other hospitals who saw our advert and have emailed to ask how the journey has gone. Careful selection is key, but the University of Exeter are there with you every step of the way.

We are extremely pleased with our apprentices and are ready to recruit a further two. I am an Accredited Practice Educator, as is my deputy, and would recommend any department taking apprentices.

Working with the University of Exeter has been a wonderful journey so far and I am proud to be helping develop staff within our organisation.”

Deborah, Radiology Educational Lead PGH and Accredited Advanced Practitioner at the NHS