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Degree Partnerships


“At WPA, we decided to embark on recruiting two Degree Apprentices in order to offer career opportunities in the local area and to bring a new dynamic into the team. Our apprentices have since grown into their positions, bringing new perspectives, visions and skills to the business.

Our experience of collaborating with the University Exeter on Degree Apprenticeships has been excellent. The communication and organisation are great, and it is always clear what the next steps are for both us as an employer but also for our apprentices as students.

Everyone we’ve dealt with at Exeter has been open, quick to respond and interested in what they can do to help us as an employer as well as the apprentices. The procedure has been smooth, and we’ve had lots of meetings with the University both on site at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus and at WPA which helped kick off the process. We also have lots of touch points throughout the year with Exeter and it has always felt like we could reach out to our key contacts at Exeter and receive a quick response.

As well as this, it’s clear that the courses themselves are excellent, the content and coverage given to students has been very high-quality while, most importantly, preparing them for their future career.

Overall, working with the University of Exeter on Degree Apprenticeships has been a huge success and going forward we would recommend Exeter to other employers.”

Mike, CTO at WPA