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International students


Why did you pick Exeter over other universities?

It was the only university I visited where I loved the campus – it was big, further away from the city and had lots of trees and plants which I love being surrounded by. It was also highly ranked for my degree and had a placement year in the programme, which ended up being the final factor in my decision.

Why did you pick this course?

I’ve always loved performing and been interested in theatre, and I knew in the future, no matter what job I ended up in, I wanted to still be performing on stage, so I knew Drama would be a good fit for me.

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

So far, I’ve enjoyed most of my modules, the practical side exposed me to a range of different types of approaches to theatre, going from creating very simple, easy devising techniques to creating an entire production from a script on our own. The theory was quite diverse and touched on different cultures all over the world, which was comforting and interesting for me as an international student.

Even though Drama is a performing art and very practical, I still feel like I’m learning a degree that is just like any other course – I still have essays to write, I must do a lot of work on my own in order to succeed and I have to do a lot of research into my coursework. I feel like my skills and knowledge are definitely expanding at Exeter because of the way the course is structured. There are also many opportunities on campus and in the city which the University informs us about, so there are always chances to expand your skillset at Exeter.

How have you found the support services and facilities?

All the lecturers and tutors have been very friendly and helpful so far. The online resources are easy to use, and I’ve been able to do essays using just the library’s resources which is really convenient, especially when I’m far from campus trying to write essays. Whenever I’ve had issues, I’ve been able to contact student support services either by email, or by going to the student help desk where they’ve been very helpful.

Tell us about the campus

I love the scenery, it’s very green and pretty, so it feels very serene when walking through campus – it’s my favourite aspect of the University. The atmosphere is friendly, especially as a fresher, everyone was really nice and helpful. The facilities are quite modern, especially the Forum and main lecture buildings. 

How was your accommodation?

My flatmates are easily my closest friends, having self-catered accommodation has allowed me to spend more time with them in the kitchen. My rooms were relatively big as well, so there was a lot of space to keep my bags and books, as well as to decorate the way I want. My accommodation was on central campus around other student halls, so it was around other students and was an easy walk away from most things on campus and the city centre.

Did you find it okay settling in to Exeter?

I struggled with the weather for quite a while and missed home, but luckily the lecturers and course content were great so there were always good and exciting things to bring my mood up.

What has been the biggest highlight of studying at Exeter?

I love the facilities and opportunities available for my course. There are many theatres around and on campus which have shows every week. The degree itself is also very engaging and I have enjoyed every bit of it so far, there is always so much to learn every day.

Do you feel your course will enhance your employability?

Yes, I feel the industry year in my degree I chose will expand my skills and increase my employability when I’m looking for jobs. That, as well as the opportunities sent to us over email by the department, and the skills we gain from the course content itself, makes me feel like I’m in a better position than before the degree to look for a job.

How have you found the city and the surrounding area?

The campus is quite close to the city centre, a lot of the city can be reached within 20-25 min from central campus. I love the architecture in the city centre as it is very diverse and has many little areas ranging from old architecture to modern styles. I love the Quay, especially at night, it’s the prettiest place I’ve seen so far in Exeter, and is the best to walk along as it has a beautiful view.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering your course?

Look for universities that offer both practical and theoretical skills, such as research skills, as it allows for you to expand your skillset in more than just degree-based things. Also look for a place which has theatres near campus because watching plays as much as possible is vital to the course.

Sum up your experience at Exeter in just four words

Exciting, tumultuous, eye-opening, valuable.

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