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International students

Our students from Botswana

There are around 20 students from Botswana currently studying at the University of Exeter. Their programmes include:


Finance and Accounting With Industrial Experience

"Our lectures are designed in an interactive and captivating manner. Two and half years later, I still can recall the exciting simulation of the Game Theory Model in our Economics Principles module in the first year.  With adequate tutorial questions, references and access to the most recent relevant module books published in our Library, I am confident in the first-class education we are being offered."

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BA Drama with Employment Experience

"I love the facilities and opportunities available for my course. There are many theatres around and on campus which have shows every week, and the department always send more opportunities available specific to the degree. The degree itself is also very engaging and I have enjoyed every bit of it so far, there is always so much to learn every day."

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