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International students

Our students from Oman

There are currently more than 500 students from the Middle East region studying at the University of Exeter.

What did you enjoy most about studying at Exeter?

The programme introduced me to philosophies, methodologies, designs and methods that should be adopted in any educational research. I feel it is a pre-request for any future researcher.

What have been the highlights of your time at Exeter?

Knowing different people from different countries is very valuable. Exeter is a city for living and studying. It is a quiet city with multiple entertainment facilities that really helps a student to achieve his/her goal.

I also completed my MSc with Distinction which is something that I am so proud of. It would not have been achieved without the teachers' valuable support and guide.

What will you miss most about Exeter?

I am not going to miss it for the time being as I am completing my PhD now at the Uni!

What advice would you give to current/ future students at Exeter?

Well, two things. First, enjoy your study and try to obtain the most out of it. Once you enjoy what you are doing, definitely, you will achieve something at the end. Second, try to create your own network of relationships. Knowing people from all around the world will help you to experience different cultures, and help you improve other soft skills.