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International students

Our students from Russia

There are around 70 Russian students currently studying at the University of Exeter. Their programmes include:

Read about one of our Russian students' experiences of moving to the UK, studying BSc Business at the University of Exeter and getting used to life on our beautiful campus in Cornwall.

Why did you pick Exeter over other Universities?

Exeter was a perfect option: a Russell Group university that is high in rankings, located on a green campus, with beautiful beaches and Dartmoor National Park nearby. Exeter struck me with the quality of its teaching facilities: the Forum, the library, lecture theatres and seminar rooms looked modern and well maintained. There was a wide range of accommodation options provided by the University in close proximity to campus. Finally, the city has a lot of cosy cafes and bars, after four years of my degree I still haven’t visited all of them!

Why did you pick this course and how have you found it?

I chose Medical Sciences because at school I became extremely interested in human physiology and other medical science disciplines. In contrast to Medicine, where the focus is on correctly diagnosing and treating patients, in MedSci I could learn in depth how the human body works and what goes wrong during disease on a molecular level. Another great thing about MedSci is an opportunity to undertake a lab or clinical trials research placement in Exeter, elsewhere in the UK or even abroad. I went to Vienna, Austria to do a Neuroscience lab placement and it turned out to be the most challenging yet the best year of my life so far!

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

My favourite module is Neuropharmacology, in which I learnt how different recreational and medicinal drugs affect the brain function. They often incorporated their own findings in lectures, which added “real world” relevance to the lecture content. The lectures were complemented with small group seminars in which I learnt to interpret data from neuroscience research articles. The gained skills helped me a lot in other modules, especially the Final Year Research Project (dissertation). Finally, in Neuropharmacology module I had an opportunity to write News & Views article summarising a research paper, which was a good taster for a career in Science Communication.

Tell us about the campus...

My favourite spot is Reed Hall on Streatham. It is a beautiful building surrounded by old trees and a beautiful garden. It’s so peaceful, a great spot to enjoy nature and recharge your batteries. I also enjoy doing my uni work in the Forum, in the evenings it is quieter and there is always someone playing the piano. And if me and my friends are tired of studying, we usually pop into the Ram – the university pub - for a pint and some food.

and the city.

My favourite part of Exeter is the Quay. In warmer months I like meeting up with my friends for a drink or dinner while sitting by the waterfront. My favourite place in the city centre is Artigiano, which is a perfect spot for a coffee or a study session during the day and a stylish bar with live music in the evenings.

What will you take from your time at Exeter

The Medical Sciences degree was challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about science and human health. I’ve made wonderful friends along the way and done a myriad of fun things with them from Christmas Balls and End of [Sport] Season Dinners to Exmouth beach trips and Varsity rugby matches. I am extremely sad that my time in Exeter has come to an end, but I am wholeheartedly looking forward to using acquired knowledge and skills in the new chapter of my life! #bleedgreen #exeteruni #exeterforever