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Postgraduate Study - PhD and Research Degrees

Discussing your application

In accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998 we must protect the information you disclose on any aspect of your application. In line with this legislation we are unable to discuss any aspect of your application with a third party unless we receive confirmation from you in writing1 stating your Exeter Reference Number, programme applied for, date of birth, details of the person(s) you wish to allow this privilege and a satisfactory reason why this is required. This does not mean that we will refuse to accept information from a third party with reference to your application but we will not disclose information without your permission.

Once we have received confirmation from the applicant confirming the third party we will be able to discuss their application with them and give information on the following:

  • Application offer
  • Application decision
  • Reason for unsuccessful decision
  • Confirmation of letters/emails sent

Change of applicant's personal details by a third party

The Admissions Office will not share applicants’ personal details with third parties. Details could include the applicants’ address or telephone number, date of birth or institution of study. If the third party believes these details are wrong, the Admissions Office will not accept changes from anyone other than the applicant in writing.

Third party definition

A third party could be any of the following people:

  • Tutor/Lecturer
  • Careers adviser
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Friend
  • Family member
  • Agent assisting with your application

All third parties must provide the applicant’s Exeter Reference Number when dealing with the Admissions Team. If they cannot provide the number we will not be able to discuss the application at that time.

1 Receipt of an application from a contracted Agent is deemed as confirmation of authorisation.