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Turing Scheme

The Turing scheme is the UK government’s global programme providing funding for study and work abroad placements.

Turing Scheme funding is available on a competitive basis for students going on a study or work abroad placement that is from 4 weeks up to a maximum of 12 months in duration to help them make the most of their time abroad.

As this funding is competitive, we will be requiring a Letter of Motivation from students. All information about how this application will work and what will make a competitive Letter of Motivation can be found on our SharePoint site here.

How much money could I receive?

Placements over nine weeks long will receive a cost-of-living grant equal to:

  • £380 per month (for Group 1 destinations)
  • £335 per month (for Group 2 and 3 destinations)

With students who meet the disadvantaged background uplift, receiving an additional £110 per month to their cost-of-living grant.

For more information about how much money per month you may be eligible for under the Turing Scheme please head to their website here.

Student Finance

Please note the information below is only applicable for work placements abroad

Students who are on a work abroad placement will only be eligible for a full maintenance loan from Student Finance if they are funded by the Turing scheme. Those on a work abroad placement who are not Turing funded will have their maintenance loan significantly reduced, to approximately 1/3 of the usual amount. Please also note that only students who are Turing funded are eligible for the Student Finance travel grant.

When applying for your Student Finance loan you will be asked a question about Turing funding. If you say you are not Turing funded your maintenance loan application will be assessed on this basis and the reduced amount will be applied from the start of the year. If you say you are Turing funded then you will be eligible for the full maintenance loan amount, this however will be reduced if you do not secure Turing funding.

Please be aware that decisions on maintenance loans are not made by the university. Student Finance apply their own rules to the application process and for further information on your maintenance loan eligibility you should contact Student Finance directly.