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Study and Work Abroad Buddy Scheme

The Study and Work Abroad Buddy Scheme is designed to help students going on a placement abroad with pre-departure information and advice from those who have already been. The scheme puts students going to a particular country or institution in touch with each other, and with third-year and fourth-year students returning from the same place.

The shared communication enables outbound students to find their way around more confidently on arrival, to network and to learn from those who have completed a placement abroad.

It also provides a personal development opportunity for returning third-year and fourth-year students that will enhance their communication and leadership skills.

If you are a returning student who has already attended a placement abroad and would like to share the benefits of your experience, please let us know here

How does it work?

  1. If you are a second-year student preparing for a placement abroad, you will be included if you gave permission for your email address to be shared with other Exeter students when you made your application.
  2. We match returning students with groups of second-year students who are going to the same country/region/city.
  3. We connect the outbound and returning students with each other via a group email: the size of each group will depend on how many people are going to a particular place, and how many returnees have signed up.
  4. The email will show who is going to each institution and what they are studying, so that you can plan to link up with others at your destination if you wish.
  5. You then take the lead in communication - whether outbound or returning, it is up to you how much you want to participate but we would encourage you to ask questions and share information as a group so that everyone can benefit.