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Teacher Training

Pre-Initial Teacher Education Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses (SKE)

It is not unusual to receive applications from individuals who we believe would make excellent teachers, but who have insufficient subject knowledge to go directly onto one of our Secondary PGCE programmes. For such applicants, the Department for Education (DfE) offers a range of pre-initial teacher training subject preparation courses. 

SKE courses range from 8 weeks to 28 weeks long and your interviewer will decide if you need to complete an SKE course before you start and will also decide what length the SKE should be.  It is therefore important to plan ahead as your place on a PGCE programme may be conditional upon completing a SKE course prior to starting the PGCE.

Places on a SKE course will only be offered to those candidates with a conditional ITE place. For more information go to the Department for Education's dedicated page to see which subjects SKE courses are available for or contact the relevant University of Exeter PGCE subject tutor.