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Students on the Move

Students on the Move (SOTM) is a waste collection scheme subsidised by the University and working in collaboration with Exeter City Council. The scheme only collects things that you cannot recycle - i.e. anything that you might chuck away in a black bag that is non-recyclable rubbish. 

  • it operates throughout June and July each year
  • allows University students in private accommodation to arrange non-recyclable waste to be collected for free (in addition to their normal bi-weekly collection)
  • and reduces fly-tipping - it has the added advantage of taking the stress out of the busy 'moving out' period

So please remember - this scheme does not cover glass or other recyclable items.

You can get more information on the 2024 Students on the Move Scheme here

“This project aims to reduce our carbon footprint and provide an extra helping hand to students during the stressful moving out period. The response from students and permanent locals has been very positive”. 

Rory Cunningham

(Community Liaison Officer) who developed the initiative


Contact Community Engagement to find out more about the scheme.

Also see the Students on the Move video.