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Students as Co-creators Case studies

student on zoom call

Bringing structure to student study

The use of students and recent graduates as essential parts of the Project Enhance Team to transition to online education delivery was never more prevalent than in the development of structured templates for our virtual learning environment.

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Bringing Learning Back: The Festival of Discovery

Our Festival of Discovery is shaped around students and informed by our ethos of enabling a more interactive experience while empowering students to take control of their learning journey.

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Using a student perspective to recreate the field trip experience online

One important element of student’s studies that was not possible during the pandemic was field trips and the Project Enhance team put their minds to re-creating the experience, harnessing the student and graduate contributors skills and insight to ensure it met student expectations.

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Realising the Impact of Entrepreneurial Ambition

The roots of many iconic brands and companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Tesla are known to be humble, with little more than a coffee-stained idea and rudimentary prototypes produced in a spare room or garage. At the University of Exeter, we are committed to supporting our students in these formative stages and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit throughout their education via the Student Startup Team.

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Student-developed digital tools to enable rapid feedback and reduce workloads

Project Enhance and the work of the student and graduate digital learning assistants/developers enabled the University to transition to a virtual learning environment quickly and reduce the workload on academic staff. This collaboration is continuing to refine our approach and deliver on-going benefits for our students beyond the pandemic.

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