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Transforming Education

Education without Borders Case Studies

How a Colombia field trip became a successful virtual exchange

Field trips and study visits are an essential part of the educational experience at the University of Exeter. A particularly successful trip for students from our College of Medicine and Health was given a new lease of life as a result of the pandemic.

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Grand Challenges Online: Creating Inclusive, Engaging Learning Experiences

In an increasingly connected world, our students need to be able to think and act globally. That includes being adaptable, open and responsive to challenges. Grand Challenges and its subsequent evolution into Challenges Online is an excellent example of how we facilitate opportunities to learn in new ways and beyond subject area or geographical boundaries.

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Joined up Thinking: Connecting Classrooms

Unlimited by geographical or disciplinary boundaries and with global ambitions, our Education Incubator is investing in cultivating innovation and collaboration in teaching, empowering a partnership approach between academics and students, challenging traditional thinking and testing emerging ideas.

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Creation Through Collaboration

We’re championing opportunities for our students to engage with students from a diverse range of disciplines and countries, as well as learning from academics from international partner universities. Ours is a truly global approach, unlimited by traditional boundaries and dedicated to opening up innovative opportunities for all.

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Making Primary Care Better - Globally

When it comes to helping healthcare to be better for people around the world, we are investing in overcoming challenges and breaking down boundaries wherever they exist. Ours is an ambitious and innovative approach that is ensuring a University of Exeter education creates professionals who can confidently rise to any challenge.

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International Networks

We firmly believe that part of our role as educators is to provide our students with opportunities to engage with their counterparts from across the world and learn from different perspectives.

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