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Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are unable to share information with parents unless the student has provided their explicit consent to do so. This includes confirming whether a person has accessed the service or not.

We are unable to contact a student or force a student to utilise our service on request of a parent or any other persons.

Advice for parents and carers - last updated 22 October 2020


We understand, as a parent or care of our students, that you will have questions and concerns regarding the impact of COVID-19 on your child’s studies.

This page will provide you with access to useful information and resources to help reassure you that the safety of our students alongside their learning experience, is our priority.

In addition, there is information available across our Coronavirus website for both returning and new students, including details of the support available to them, should they need to self-isolate, or if they have any particular concerns or issues.

You can also find out about our Rapid Response Hub and the test process we have in place for any student or staff member that experiences COVID-19 symptoms.

Frequently asked questions

We have had a number of enquiries regarding travelling home during term time. We have sought advice from Public Health England and this is clear. In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission locally, nationally and internationally, the best option is for students to remain at University. Our blended learning programme means that your child can continue their studies with us safely and access the support they need during this time. However, if your child needs to travel home and they are not self-isolating or showing symptoms then they can do so provided they adhere to current Government advice (e.g. wearing face coverings on public transport).

If your child is self-isolating then PHE have made it clear that they must remain in their current accommodation to complete their period of self-isolation.

The Government are currently advising not to travel into and out of areas which are designated as in the ‘high’ or ‘very high’ tiers. This means that if your child were to travel from Devon or Cornwall, currently in the ’medium’ tier, to somewhere which is in one of the higher tiers, they would need to stay updated with the guidance that applies in that area, and there may be restrictions on travelling back.


If any students begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms they can request a test by contacting the Rapid Response Hub. Any students who receive a positive result will be contacted by the Rapid Response Hub to make sure they’re ok and have the support that they need. Any specific wellbeing needs will be noted and our Welfare Support team will be in touch with students as required. Every student will also receive an additional welfare specific phone call a few days into their isolation period to make sure that they have everything they need.

Our blended teaching model has been designed to enable us to provide all our students with an excellent digital learning experience which enables them to keep up with studies should they be required to self-isolate. If a student is unwell as a result of COVID-19 and think it may affect their ability to undertake an assessment they may be able to apply for an extension or a deferral through what the University calls the ‘Mitigation Process’. You can find out more about mitigation here.

We have a huge range of services and information available on our COVID Wellbeing webpages, students can contact our Wellbeing Services team on 01392 724381 or by emailing: if they need help or support. Students living in University accommodation in Exeter can also contact the Residence Life Instant Chat. Students living in University accommodation in Cornwall can contact their ResLife Team.

Any student who needs to self-isolate in University accommodation in Exeter will receive an email from the Welfare Team to provide them with important wellbeing and welfare information. The University’s Accommodation and Welfare teams will jointly offer Zoom presentations for all students at the start of their self-isolation period to explain rules and support available. The Residence Life team are also offering social events and regular opportunities for students to meet their mentors. For students in Cornwall, our Living Support and Wellbeing team offer a wide range of support including self-help, online resources, advice and information, and referrals where needed.

We also have a range of additional support and digital entertainment and social opportunities for affected students in Exeter and Cornwall, and have opened our online groceries service for those who are self-isolating should they need to order basic provisions to be delivered to their accommodation. Self-isolating students can also arrange to have medicines and prescriptions delivered direct to their accommodation. We continue to encourage all students to reach out for support and wellbeing services whenever they may be needed.

If any student becomes unwell and needs additional support whilst in isolation they can call our Rapid Response Hub who will arrange for the student to be checked on and ensure they have the relevant support.

Cases change on a daily basis and so to ensure robust and consistent data we are providing validated numbers through Public Health England. The regional figures, which include University cases, are released daily on the Devon County Council website (this includes figures for Cornwall).

Our intention is still to offer a rich, blended educational experience for students with as much teaching and other activities on campus as possible. We are incredibly disappointed that the start of term has coincided with a national surge in cases which has meant more restrictions have had to be brought in than we had hoped. However, as and when cases fall and national restrictions are eased, we fully intend to provide as much on campus as possible. Our planning has been designed with a flexible approach in order to continue to offer an excellent Exeter experience.

Current data from our Rapid Response Hub shows that the measures we have put into place means our face to face teaching is COVID-19 secure. The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is our highest priority and so we will continue to monitor this closely and if anything changes will act accordingly.

If a student needs to self-isolate, please see our 'information for students who are self-isolating' webpage for frequently asked questions and information.