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Teaching on campus - last updated 08 September 2021

Guidance for Colleagues delivering on-campus teaching

We have worked with academic colleagues to establish robust teaching protocols for the new academic term to enable colleagues to teach safely and deliver a world class education.

From September, we’re expecting the majority of academic colleagues to be on campus to deliver in-person teaching, whilst recognising that this may have to be adjusted in line with the Government regulations in place at the time. Social distancing measures, one-way signage and room occupancy limits have been removed in line with the Government's easing of restrictions, however, other measures remain in place to ensure we can continue to deliver in-person teaching and minimise the transmission of COVID-19.

Based on our campus and teaching risk assessments the Teaching Guidance 2021-22 outlines how to teach on our campuses for this coming academic year. You can download the above slide for use in the classroom: Teaching Room Guidance [PDF].