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Pete Offord, Impact and Partnership Development Manager

Financial Services Professional (BSc (Hons) Applied Finance) Degree Apprenticeship

Financial Services Professional (BSc)

Through this unique programme apprentices will gain the skills to become highly competent professionals ready to excel in the finance industry. The Apprenticeship will cover a base of core knowledge required of all individuals entering or progressing to this level in the sector, and a set of specialist options that then provide the occupationally specific training, depending on the requirements of the employer.

Delivered through a flexible blended learning model, the programme allows employers to recruit, train and retain high-calibre talent in partnership with the University.

Successful completion of this programme allows apprentices the opportunity to achieve a number of academic and professional qualifications:

  • Level 4 Apprenticeship Certificate – Investment Operations Specialist
  • Level 6 Apprenticeship Certificate – Financial Services Professional
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Finance
  • Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment – Investment Operations Certificate

Dependent on individual specialism

  • Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment - Diploma in Investment Operations
  • CFA Institute - CFA Level I.

Apprentices will be full-time employees of your business, Approximately 20 per cent of the apprentice’s time will be given over to study, though our model this is designed to be flexible around the needs of employers and workloads. No weekly day-release is required, mitigating disruption on the apprentice’s daily role and meaning we can work with employers across the country. Our blended learning model ensures minimal disruption to core business hours and includes:

  • Termly two to three day residential masterclasses at our Streatham campus in Exeter
  • Weekly distance learning comprising online classes and workshops, interactive exercises and recorded lectures
  • Work-based learning, assessing projects undertaken in the workplace.

Our dedicated partnerships team liaise closely with employers throughout the programme; we can assist you with recruiting, education support and administration. Each apprentice is allocated an Academic Mentor who will meet regularly to ensure their successful completion of the programme.


Tuition fees for this four-year programme are £27,000. This includes £9,000 to complete level 4 and £18,000 to complete Level 6.

Employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy will pay these fees directly through that contribution.

Business who do not pay the Levy will be able to claim 95 per cent of the cost of tuition fees from Government. If you employ fewer than 50 people and recruit an 18-year-old or a care leaver, up to 100 per cent Government contribution may be available.

See further information on the Apprenticeship Levy funding.

Employers must pay their apprentices at least a salary consistent with national legislation and cover the costs of any travel and accommodation required to attend any face-to-face teaching.

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