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Dementia prevention, treatment and care research that puts people first

Around 54 million people worldwide have dementia, expected to rise to more than 152 million by 2050 (WHO), making it one of the world’s greatest health challenges.

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Accelerating the search for new dementia treatment

While scientists are making advances in the search for new drugs for dementia, the pace of progress is slow. Recruiting the large number of participants needed to generate robust results is challenging, and the clinical trials pipeline faces significant bottlenecks.

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Prevention: the best means of tackling dementia

Dementia risk could be reduced by 40 per cent, if meaningful action was taken across a range of different measures across the life course.

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Better dementia care to enable people to live as well as possible

Delivering the best possible care for people with dementia, whether they are living in their own home or in a nursing home, is of paramount importance to their quality of life.

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