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Research and Innovation

Research applications

Human factors and comfort 

VSimulators enables research into the factors affecting human comfort, perception, and responses to their environment. This will enable people to be placed at the centre of future design. 

Human movement, health, and wellbeing

VSimulators supports extensive research into how people move, balance, and respond to their surroundings, creating intervention programmes, environment designs and equipment to enable people to live independent and fulfilling lives

Immersive reality

Our state-of-the-art virtual reality technology aligned to a motion platform and biomedical data capture lends itself to everything from VR military training solutions to exploring how patients respond to different virtual reality environments to support biomedical research

Data science and analytics

VSimulators can handle multiple feeds of raw information contributing to the development of new ways to visually interpret, analyse and use complex or multiple feeds of data 


VSimulators is an ideal platform for research related to acceleration, deceleration, and motion in transport. Exploring factors such as human response to vibrations, flood risk to bridges, and balance. 

Structural engineering and built environment

VSimulators can uniquely support research into vibration, analysis of structures, machinery, and other engineered facilities. Advising on the proposing design before starting construction.