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Research and Innovation

Key features

  • 8m x 8m self contained room with full body motion capture using a camera array 
  • a custom designed 3.7m x 3.7m Octopod motion platform with freedom of movement in six directions (designed and developed by E2M Technologies, Amsterdam, in collaboration with the University of Exeter) (see image below) 
  • platform acceleration range: 0.5Hz-40Hz
  • platform displacement range: +/- 21mm
  • a fully instrumented floor with nine AMTI force plates
  • virtual reality simulation of an existing environment for up to nine occupants configured with the motion platform (designed and developed by Holovis, in collaboration with the University of Exeter) 
  • state of the art HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) 
  • motion tracking of occupants using Optitrack markers
  • physiological recording of human factor responses including fNIRS for functional brain imaging 
  • synchronised raw data streams
  • data analytics and reporting capability 

The VSimulators facility at the University of Exeter can be customised to fully explore the sensory immersion and human factor responses by the occupants. We can design bespoke environments to support immersive research. 

Virtual reality capability 

VSimulators at the University of Exeter offers a range of virtual reality environments such as a grandstand experience, walking along a footbridge and operating within a busy office. 

Immersed in virtual reality, up to nine research volunteers can simultaneously move freely around the space, interacting with avatars of the other participants in the virtual world, all tracked to their unique perspective. 
Alternatively, our team can support the design of bespoke virtual reality scenes according to the requirements of industrial and academic clients. This capability includes the use of 360 real life video footage or Unity designs created by in-house developers. 

Room Within A Room 

Full details on the Technical Specification for VSimulators at University of Exeter can be found in the downloadable link here: 
Technical Specifications Exeter