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Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute

Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)

Land is a vital resource. It supports both natural ecosystems and the development of sustainable economies.

As populations and human activity have risen, so has the need to manage land effectively.

Without doing so, we become more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Threats such as food security, poverty and the reduced availability of clean water increase.

LEEP helps leaders, businesses and communities anticipate and address these issues by putting the natural environment at the heart of their decision-making.

Its research in this field has been published in top journals. And its work has generated real-world impact for businesses, governments and policymakers.


Protecting the South West’s natural resources to deliver economic benefit


Understanding and predicting the benefits of land use change


Understanding the benefits of recreational greenspace

Greenhouse Gas Removal

Investigating the climate effects of switching from agriculture to forestry

Natural Capital Committee

Advising the UK Government on the use of natural assets

Other LEEP

Supporting environmental decision-making and helping communities