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Together with our international research partners, LEEP brings together experts from the diversity of social, economic and natural sciences needed to provide an integrated understanding of the ways in which these complex systems interact.


Ethan Addicott

Dr Ethan Addicott

Lecturer in Economics, LEEP Institute

Ben Balmford

Dr Ben Balmford

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LEEP Institute
Ian Bateman (2023)

Professor Ian Bateman

Co-Director of LEEP Institute

Professor of Environmental Economics

Director of NetZeroPlus

Dr Amy Binner

Senior Lecturer, LEEP Institute 

Belinda Broughton

Belinda Broughton

Project Manager, ADD-TREES

Mingyuan Chen

Dr Mingyuan Chen

Postdoctoral Research Associate, VISIONARY project

Dr Jack Daniels

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Professor Brett Day

Co-Director of LEEP Institute

Professor of Environmental Economics

Neha Deopa

Dr Neha Deopa

Lecturer in Economics, LEEP Institute
Kate Gannon

Dr Kate Gannon

Programme Manager, NetZeroPlus

Tatiana Garcia

Tatiana Carolina Cantillo Garcia

Postdoctoral Research Associate, NetZeroPlus

Sharon Gove

Sharon Gove

Project Administrator, NetZeroPlus

Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham

Personal Assistant to Professor Ian Bateman, LEEP Institute
Ben Groom

Professor Ben Groom

Dragon Capital Chair of Biodiversity Economics

Co-Director of LEEP Institute

Professor of Economics

Chunying Guo

Dr Chunying Guo

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dragon Capital


Dr Muhammad Mahmudul Hasan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ADD-TREES 
Ville Inkinen

Dr Ville Inkinen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dragon Capital

Alex Inman

Professor Alex Inman

Professor of Practice, Farmers Network
 Shijin Jollands

Shijin Jollands

Finance Manager, LEEP Institute

Phil Laws

Phillip Laws

Senior Administrator, Farmers Network

Chris Lee

Dr Christopher Lee

Landscape Decisions Fellow, LEEP Institute

Dr Mattia Mancini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LEEP Institute

Sarah Meier

Dr Sarah Meier

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LEEP Institute


Dr Thiago Fonseca Morello Ramalho da Silva

Research Fellow, UK Sustainable King Prawn Project

Daniele Rinaldo

Dr Daniele Rinaldo

Lecturer in Economics, LEEP Institute

Dawn Scott

Dr Dawn Scott

LEEP Centre Manager

Alessandro Silvestri

Dr Alessandro Silvestri

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, LEEP Institute

Diana Tingley

Dr Diana Tingley

Project Manager and Business Fellow, LEEP Institute

Daniel Williamson 

Professor Daniel Williamson

Director of Impact, LEEP Institute

Principal Investigator for ADD-TREES project

PhD Students

Kevin Donkers

Kevin Donkers

PhD Researcher, LEEP Institute
  Penelope Fialas PhD Researcher, LEEP Institute 

Phoebe Stewart-Sinclair

PhD Researcher, LEEP Institute (Recently awarded)


Dr Matthew Agarwala Environmental Economist, University of Cambridge
Professor Martin Attrill

Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Plymouth

Professor Melanie Austen

Professor of Ocean and Society, University of Plymouth 

Sian de Bell Dr Sian de Bell

Impact Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School

Arlan Brucal

Dr Arlan Brucal

Lecturer in Economics (Education and Research)

Dr Sabrina Eisenbarth

Associate Professor for Environmental Economics, University of St. Gallen 

Dr Katrina Davis

Associate Professor of Conservation Biology, University of Oxford


Gemma Delafield

Regional Energy Officer, Cyngor Sir CEREDIGION County Council
Dr Michela Faccioli Senior Researcher/Lecturer, Università di Trento
 Hannah Fluck

Dr Hannah Fluck

Senior National Archaeologist, National Trust


Steve Guilbert

Impact Fellow, ACCESS

Professor Guangtao Fu

Professor of Water Intelligence, University of Exeter

Professor Kevin Gaston

Professor of Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Exeter

William Gaze Professor William Gaze 

Professor of Microbiology at the College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter

Louis Haddrell Web App Developer, Fidelity International
SM Halleck Vega Dr Solmaria Halleck-Vega Associate Professor, Wageningen University & Research
Dr Amii Harwood Lecturer in Geography and GIS, University of East Anglia
Dr Keith Howe

Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter

Dr Ilya Maclean Associate Professor of Global Change Biology, University of Exeter 
Professor Gerd Masselink 

Professor of Coastal Geomorphology, University of Plymouth

Dr Jonathan Mosedale

Associate Research Fellow at the Biological Sciences Department, University of Exeter

Dr Bertrand Nortier

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Exeter

Professor Juliet Osborne

Chair in Applied Ecology at the Biological Sciences Department, University of Exeter 

Jonathan Owen Dr Jonathan Owen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Tim Poate Dr Timothy Poate 

Senior Research Consultant, University of Plymouth

Sian Rees  Dr Sian Rees

Associate Professor of Social-Ecological Systems (Research), University of Plymouth

Alex Rusby Alex Rusby Behavioural Science Associate, Influence At Work
Lawrence Shaw Dr Lawrence Shaw Lead Historic Environment Advisor, Forestry England
Dr Greg Smith Environmental Economist, CSIRO
Kit Stokes
Dr Kit Stokes

Senior Research Fellow (Impact), University of Plymouth

Professor Kerry Turner

Professor of Environmental Economics, University of East Anglia

Professor Charles Tyler

Professor of Environmental Biology/Academic Lead, University of Exeter 


Scott Vincent

FEELE Manager (Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory at Exeter)

Sir Robert Watson Chair of LEEP Science Advisory Board 
James Webber Dr James Webber Lecturer in Water Systems Engineering, University of Exeter

Dr Ben Wheeler

Senior Research Fellow at the College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter

Tribute to Professor Dame Georgina Mace CBE

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of Professor Dame Georgina Mace CBE on 19th September 2020.

Remembering Georgina Mace