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Research and Innovation

VR and Autism

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Many autistic people experience difficulties relating to sensory processing and motor coordination. In collaboration with the Centre of Applied Autism Research (University of Bath), we are using VR technology to better understand these daily living difficulties and to develop bespoke training environments for the autism community.

Specifically, Tom Arthur has designed a virtual assessment tool, which measures how participants adjust their hand and eye movements under different environmental conditions. His recent findings have enhanced our understanding about the neurobiological underpinnings of sensorimotor control in autism. This means that future support tools and coaching interventions can now be developed. 

Moving forward, we are now working with our industry partners and collaborators to translate these results into new VR-based training tools, which can be used to enhance health and wellbeing outcomes in neurodivergent populations.

Man in VR headset

VR headset with a tennis racket game