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Exeter Immersive

VR and Exercise

We are interested in the application of immersive technology in an exercise context. For example, Dr Jonathan Bird led a research study in collaboration with Brunel University and US-based game developers VirZOOM to examine how immersive technology influenced a range of affective and perceptual variables during cycling activity. 

The experience led users through a virtual countryside scene and the research team measured how participants felt before, during and after exercise, as well as their focus of attention, heart rate variability, and task enjoyment. 

Data findings indicated that VR with music raised perceived enjoyment by 26.4%, compared with a control condition of no VR or music. The team are now hoping to extend this research study, by further exploring the potential public health benefits of immersive exercise technologies.

The study above is available from the British Journal of Health Psychology.

Cyclists on a VR game

Lady on a bike with a VR headset