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Intercultural Cafe

Intercultural Cafe

Come and be a part of our Intercultural Cafe to meet new people, celebrate our different cultures and approaches. Find details of what's planned on your campus below:

Intercultural Cafe Streatham Campus

Join us every Friday during term in Isca Eats (Cornwall House, EX4 6TG) from 10.00 for a free hot drink and pastry. Sessions run from 10.30-11.30. Each week will be a different theme.

You don't have to book onto a session, just come along. Students and staff are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there.

For more information email

Easter vacation 2023
Please note Easter sessions will be held in La Touche Cafe, Building One

5 April

Easter crafts   
Come and paint an egg cup or decorative easter egg in this relaxing session
Friday 14 April

Board games Friday
Come and join the Community Engagement Officers for a morning of board games . If you've got a favourite game, why not bring it along and teach it to the group?

Friday 21 April Celebrating Earth Day
Friday 28 April Patron Saints and weird holiday traditions
Think you know about St George? How about Tar Barrels? But what about cheese rolling...? Come and find out more about some weird local traditions and share some of yours from home.  

Term 2 2023

13 January Good and bad luck omens   
Friday 13th is often seen as a bad luck omen in British culture. Emma Sweeney from INTO asks us what are our good and bad luck omens around the world? 
20 January

Board games Friday
Come and join the Community Engagement Officers for a morning of board games and Switch. If you've got a favourite game, why not bring it along and teach it to the group?

27 January Lunar New Year Crafting
Come and celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Residence Life Team and get crafting. Will you paint a lantern, a fan or maybe try some origami and knott work? 
A great warm up to the university's Lunar New Year celebrations on 30 January
3 February Let's build, Let's connect
Join Sam Pulman as she guides us through lego play to help us connect. 
10 February

Paint a mug for Pride
Join LGBTQ+ and Queer and BAME society to spend some time relaxing and painting a mug. As it’s LGBTQ+ History Month, we’ll be painting them in the theme of “Pride”, but you can paint them to be about whatever you’re proud about! If you have a plain mug at home to bring please do, if not we will provide one. 

17 February Doodling for Creativity
Feeling stuck in your thinking? Join Ann Skinner in exploring our creative side through doodling. We're not looking for masterpieces - we're just looking to free up our minds a bit. A really fun session to join. 
24 February

Careers – can you plan to be lucky?
Joan Wright, from the Business School Careers Team, will explore Planned Happenstance Careers theory and offer some advice about how we can use this framework to help ourselves be ‘lucky’ and avail of opportunities to enhance our careers.

3 March

Studying Smarter not Harder
Tian Yan, from Digitial Study Skills will start us thinking about our personal study style and how we can help ourselves in the run up to exam season.

10 March

Change making made fun and easy. 
Your Students' Guild will guide you through different student campaigns and activism to get you thinking about ways you can get involved in changing Exeter and beyond.

17 March Poetry to inspire you
Celebrate International Day of Happiness (20 March) and World Poetry Day (21 March) with local poet Harula Ladd. Maybe she'll inspire you to write your own ode to joy and you can challenge her to write a short poem!
24 March

Spring renewal traditions
Ramona and the Chaplaincy team lead us in a discussion about renewal traditions. And there will probably be some celebratory food too!

31 March

Come and Decorate an Easter Egg with us
It's time to get crafty on the last day of term with Sue and Sophie. 


Term 1 2022

30 September Mind your language   
Emma Sweeney from INTO shares her top tips for English Language acquisition, games and more. Share your experience education environments look like worldwide and how we can learn from our different experiences.
7 October Speed friending and networking
A great session to talk to someone new in the group and work on your networking skills for interviews with the help of Rhianna and Rachel from our Employability Team. 
14 October Day trips and top tips
Join the Community Engagement Officers to find out their top day trip tips and share some of your discoveries. 
21 October Diving into Diwali
Join our Hindu Students Society and Chaplains for a look at all things Diwali including henna and snacks!
A great warm up to the university's Diwali celebrations on 23 October
28 October Halloween Badge Making
Crafty Friday gets busy with the badge making machine. Come and create your own spooky masterpiece. 
4 November Life event traditions
How do we celebrate births, weddings, promotions and deaths in the UK? Join Sue and Simon Taylor from the Chaplaincy for a discussion on life event traditions and share your own traditions. 
11 November  
18 November

Studying around the globe
How does study and learning change around the globe? Jenny from the Studyzone asks us what our experience has been and how we have adapted in the UK.

25 November Board games 
Come and join us the Residence Life mentors for a fun session of boardgames and Mariocart
2 December Holiday Card Crafting (held at St Lukes campus Cross Keys cafe EX1 2LU)
Come and join the Education Welfare Team for a morning of card crafting and chat. 
9 December Christmas Traditions   
The Chaplaincy team lead us in a discussion about celebrating Christmas in the UK. What are your experiences or celebrating significant holidays around the world? 
16 December Waving and welcome across sameness and difference
Come and chat to Katherine and Ella about how to feel good at Exeter University and what wellbeing means across the globe. 
We'll be sharing some tasty Christmas treats too! 


Intercultural Café Penryn Campus

The Intercultural Café is a chance to meet people, and celebrate different cultures in a relaxed, friendly space. 

Students and researchers from across the universities in Cornwall are welcome to join us during term time for a free hot drink and cake, and the chance to meet people from all over the world, and find out more about life in Cornwall. 

Let us know you're coming by registering for free through the campus events calendar.

Friday 13th January 2023

2.30pm - 4pm 

New Year catch up!

Penryn campus, Sustainability Café

Friday 27th January 2023


2.30pm - 4pm

The Lounge in Tremough House.

Friday 10th February 2023

2.30pm - 4pm

The Lounge in Tremough House.

Friday 24th February 2023

2.30pm - 4pm


 The Lounge in Tremough House.

Friday 10th March 2023

2.30pm - 4pm

The Lounge in Tremough House.

Friday 24th March 

2.30pm - 4pm

The Lounge in Tremough House.

More sessions are being added all the time, so check back here soon for more!