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Clearing 2023

Preparing for Clearing - Top Tips

We've pulled together our top tips for Clearing to help you get the most out of the process.

When you become eligible to apply for a University place in Clearing, you might have to contact lots of universities on the same day and make decisions quickly. It's normal for this to be daunting, but going into the process equipped with knowledge will help make it as stress free as possible.

You might have to wait until you get your results to be eligible for Clearing, but you can gather all the information you'll need on the day in advance.

  • When you've identified some universities and colleges you are interested in, keep checking their websites for Clearing information. Vacancies may be listed from July onwards. You can also sign up for more information about Clearing at the University of Exeter
  • Write down a list of course options (including UCAS codes) and find out how you should be contacting providers, i.e. phone, completing online Clearing forms, webchat etc. - you don’t want to be panicking to find information on the day
  • Get all the correct documentation together including your UCAS Personal ID
  • Prepare copies of academic results and any other tests such as English Language so that you have these ready to send
  • Check who will be available to help you at your school or college and at home; universities will only be able to give general information to teachers, advisers and parents unless they are your nominated UCAS contact so check who this is

To help you decide if the University of Exeter is the right choice for you, there are a variety of ways to explore our campuses. 

See our Visit our Campuses page for more details.

  • Keep your results day free (plus the following weekend)
  • Make sure you've got a working phone, pen and paper and access to the internet
  • We advise all applicants to complete our online clearing form. This form is quick and easy to complete, and is the quickest way for you to receive a decision from Exeter
  • Once Clearing vacancies become available they will fill up fast, but it’s still important to take your time to make the right decision for you. Do some research in advance to help you make an informed decision on the day.
  • If you go through Clearing and find that your grades are not high enough to secure the place you want, we would advise you to consider your options. You might decide that retaking your exams and applying again the following year is the best option for you.

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