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Degree Partnerships

What to expect?

Degree apprenticeships offer you a way of launching or developing your career tuition-fee free. You will obtain a bachelors or masters degree, diploma or graduate certificate, plus an apprenticeship, and accelerate your work-based learning. You will obtain the knowledge and skills to help implement real change leading to a fulfilling career.

What are degree apprenticeships really like?

During your degree apprenticeship you will be employed full-time for the full length of your degree apprenticeship programme.

  • A degree apprenticeship usually takes around two to five years to complete and you will be working/studying full-time, or pro-rata for part-time employees.
  • The exact amount of time you spend with your employer or at university will depend on the programme and your employer. Most of our apprentices are contracted for about 40 hours per week.
  • Depending on your programme, you will study a combination of day release (one day a week) and block release (alternate several weeks of work with a full week or two weeks of study).
  • Our degree apprenticeships are structured as a flexible mix of blended learning. The amount of each will vary depending on the course you are studying.
  • At the end of your degree apprenticeship, you will complete an end-point assessment which tests your academic learning and skills obtained through a combination of both off and on-the-job learning during your degree apprenticeship.
  • All our apprentices get the same support as our full-time students. Every apprentice will have an assigned University mentor and an employer mentor who will support you from day one. All apprentices will be able to access services including: Wellbeing, Library and studying, and Careers support. This can be conducted virtually if you aren’t based locally to Exeter.
  • If you live close to campus, or when you come to campus to study, you can immerse yourself in what our University has to offer. Campus facilities include the gym, library, study resources, specialist subject-related equipment and swimming pools.
  • Find out more about the Careers support applicable to apprentices here.
  • Just like our full-time students, you will be awarded a University of Exeter degree, diploma or certificate. You will also receive an IfATE apprenticeship once you complete your end-point assessment.
  • Additionally, you can often gain a professional qualification alongside your degree.
  • After completing your apprenticeship you may be more attractive to future employers than students with a 'traditional' degree. As a graduate of a degree apprenticeship programme you’ll be working in an exciting and relevant job from day one of your studies, meaning you’ll have the both the professional and academic experience sought after by employers.

Fast track your career with a degree apprenticeship

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