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Live sessions

We were delighted to run a series of live events throughout October 2022 to celebrate Black History Month. These sessions showcased many inspiring topics and themes, which we hope will provide further thought and reflection. We are very proud and thankful of our academics, students and external guests who contributed to these wonderful sessions. For any queries about any of the live sessions that were delivered, please contact us at

Decolonising the Curriculum - Geography Case Study

How can what we’re taught reinforce existing power structures, and what can be gained from critically reviewing our curriculum? Using the ‘Decolonising Geography’ project as a case study, we explore what it means to ‘decolonise’ the curriculum and examine the innovative ways in which the Geography department is reimagining education.

Black Feminism, Maternal Health and Motherhood

In this interview by Prof Nandini Chatterjee, Anna Horn examines how Black feminism frames her scholarship and activism in Black maternal health, reproduction and motherhood, through research and lived experience as a Black American residing in the UK. They explore Black feminism in its dimensions as theory, thought, methodology, genre and political ideology as well as a way of life.

The UK's Heroes and Role Models - Politics

Join Dr Ekaterina Kolpinskaya, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Exeter, in an interactive workshop exploring her research into the UK population's heroes and role models. This interdisciplinary session is likely to be of particular interest to students of politics, social sciences, media studies and geography.

The Windrush Generation and its UK Legacy

Hear the hidden voices of the Windrush Generation. In this informative session, Jasmin, a current student and member of the Students of Colour Association, will share her grandparent's testimony to explore the experience of migrating from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1973, and how their lives contributed to the formation of a post-war Britain, and the impact of the Windrush scandal.