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Teacher toolkit

Within our Teacher Toolkit for Black History Month 2021-22, we are pleased to share with you a range of classroom activities and lesson plans across a variety of disciplines, listed below. In order to access the Teacher Toolkit, please email and we will be able to send you the full set of resources.

Subject area: Geography

Within this lesson plan, students will examine research and articles into the Black experience of the countryside.

Suitable for: Years 12 – 13

Curriculum links: AQA A Level Geography: Changing Places, and AQA A Level Geography: Qualitative Resources

Subject area(s): History and Citizenship

Comprising of two lessons plus a homework, this lesson plan encourages students to explore the debates surrounding the removal of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol.

Suitable for: Key Stage 4

Subject area(s): History, citizenship, art, music, English

Using interactive online media, this lesson plan builds on the work of historian David Olusoga to explore the contribution that Black people have made to British lives and culture.

Suitable for: Key Stage 3

Subject Area(s): P.E., citizenship, English.

This lesson plan, which will cover 1-2 lessons, will examine how Marcus Rashford used his position as a celebrity footballer to campaign for children struggling with the impact of COVID-19. Building on this, it also explores the prevalence of racism in football and considers the role that sportspeople can play in tackling this racism.

Suitable for: Key Stage 3

Subject Area: Geography

Over the course of 1-2 lessons, this classroom activity explores the topic of migration to Britain, encouraging students to consider not only patterns of settlement but also some of the reasons behind the decision to migrate to Britain.

Suitable for: Key Stages 3/4

Subject Area: Citizenship, Medicine, Nursing

This discursive workshop, introduces students to the principles, importance and impact of racial representation in healthcare.

Suitable for: Years 11-13

Subject Area: History, politics, citizenship

This lesson plan encourages students to evaluate the differences and similarities in the challenges faced by black people in the US and the UK during the 1950s and 1960s, and their campaign for equal rights. Throughout this lesson, the historical British context of decolonisation, immigration, and civil rights will be addressed and explored.

Suitable for: KS4

Subject area: Geography

Suitable for: Key Stage 4

This lesson explores what the topic of ‘Black Geographies’ is, and examines how geographers can use different geographic concepts as ‘lenses’ to research real-world issues.

Subject area: English Language, and Drama

Suitable for: Key Stage 3 and 4

This lesson plan, which spans 2-3 lessons, gives students the opportunity to work on the skills taught for analysing the poems in their GCSE poetry anthology, by examining the work of prominent black poets. The focus of this activity is the use of emotive language, while also exploring spoken word as a form of poetry.

This classroom resource comprises of a range of ‘Discussion Starters,’ designed to open dialogue and encourage thinking across current affairs and topical issues. They could form part of tutor time, or could be used in a range of different subject areas.

Suitable for: All year groups, according to the interest and ability of the class.

This resource is by no means exhaustive, but is a selection of inspiring and thought provoking reading to which pupils could be directed for reading for pleasure, or which could be used in the classroom.