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Undergraduate Study

Discussing your application with others

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 we must protect the information you disclose on any aspect of your application. In line with this legislation we are unable to discuss any aspect of your application with a third party unless we receive confirmation from you in writing.

Nominated decision-maker

We are aware that from time-to-time you may for specific reasons have limited access to any communications. In such circumstances we will allow you to appoint someone to act on your behalf as a nominated decision-maker.

The nominated decision-maker (NDM) will be able to discuss all aspects of your application and also: withdraw the application, request a deferral, request a change of course, and request reasons for the application being unsuccessful.

If you applied via UCAS you can set-up someone as a nominated decision-maker (NDM) directly with UCAS who will then provide this information for us.

Alternatively, you can set-up someone as a nominated decision maker directly with us. To do this we will require you to send an email to the admissions office from the email address listed on your application. This email should include the name and email address of the NDM, confirm the relationship between you and the NDM, and provide a brief summary of why an NDM is required.

All requests from the NDM must be received from the NDM’s email address as provided in your original request.

The requests must also include the following correct information:

  • Exeter Student number OR UCAS application number (Undergraduate)


  • Course name application received for
  • Full Name of applicant
  • Full Name of Nominated decision-maker
  • Date of birth of applicant

The Nomination will remain in place for the cycle unless you advise Admissions in writing to remove the privilege.

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