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Undergraduate Study

Equal opportunities policy

The University of Exeter believes that the diversity of its community is an essential part of its values and enriches employment, research, studying and learning experiences.

The University is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and aims to provide a working, learning and social environment that is free from unfair discrimination. It aims to ensure that students, staff and all others associated with the University are treated with dignity, respect, and equity, regardless of inappropriate distinctions, such as gender, race, nationality, ethnic identity or national origin, socio-economic status or role within the University, religious or political beliefs, disability, age, marital status, family circumstance, or sexual orientation.

In addition the University will comply with current and future legislation and aims to promote good practice in all aspects of the University.

We welcome applicants with varied experiences and different backgrounds and we are committed to ensure that no student with potential is deterred from applying. Entry requirements can be high but a wide range of qualifications and experience are considered. Applicants are evaluated holistically and on the basis of their individual potential.