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Undergraduate Study

Opportunities abroad

Opportunities abroad

Why study abroad?

As well as having a fantastic experience and memories which will last a lifetime, students who have studied abroad demonstrate initiative, independence, motivation and, depending on where they stay, may also have gained a working knowledge of another language – all qualities employers are looking for.

Last year almost 500 Exeter students studied at one of over 200 partner universities worldwide.

Study abroad destinations

For a full list of the destinations available, please see our Go abroad site.

Entry requirements for Study Abroad

The entry requirements for our programmes with study abroad can be found in the individual programme page for each programme. Students wishing to spend half a year abroad can discuss the possibilities with their department during the first year of study. Permission to take part in study abroad will depend on your academic progress, your language ability and the places available in your chosen country.

Summer schools and other short term study opportunities

Exeter students can also take advantage of international study opportunities during the summer vacation. Last year more than 100 Exeter students participated in summer schools or other short term programmes in a wide range of countries.

Information for incoming overseas students

If you are an overseas student wishing to study at Exeter for one year as a contributing element towards your degree, either as part of an international exchange or as an independent student, you should consult our Study Abroad at Exeter website. European independent students should apply through the Admissions Office.

Further information

The International Office
Phone: +44 (0)1392 723841

European study and work

Erasmus study opportunities

If you are studying modern languages or following a degree ‘with European Study’ you will spend the third year of a four-year degree studying in Europe. The destinations currently available are listed on our Opportunities Abroad pages as a guide. Through the European Credit Transfer Scheme you will gain full academic credit for the courses that you undertake while abroad.

Language is an important element when studying in Europe. You will have to be sufficiently competent to study effectively in the language of your host institution. If you're based in Exeter classes in the Foreign Language Centre will help get you up to speed or refresh existing skills.

Some partners offer teaching in English including those in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Malta and Turkey. This is particularly relevant to students based at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall who don’t have access to the Language Centre in Exeter. Although you won’t need to speak another language in class you will still need to function in everyday life and so you might want to take some language classes in your host country.

Erasmus work placement

The EU-funded Erasmus Work Placement scheme promotes employability and mobility across Europe. Students taking part in this scheme spend between three and 12 months on a work placement in Europe as an integral part of their studies, gaining work experience and academic recognition for that work. Because you will need to be competent in your target language this option is especially relevant to modern language or ‘with European Study’ students, but it may also be an option available on other programmes. Previous participants have worked in a variety of areas: marketing, translation, law, TV production, fashion and with charities. Students have used the opportunity to test their future career aspirations and in the process have gained a wealth of experience they can add to their CV.

Students on Modern Language degrees also have the opportunity to undertake a teaching assistantship with the British Council for their year abroad.

International study

If you are interested in studying further afield, the option to study outside Europe is available. Some of our programmes allow one academic year abroad, usually the third year of a four-year programme. You will be awarded full academic credit for your study abroad period.

There are opportunities to study in countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Please check available destinations and options on our website. Please check the full list of available destinations and options on the international exchange pages.

The field trips are definitely my highlight so far. We attended lectures by internationally renowned scientists and saw wildlife such as coyotes, bears and whales. It was a one in a lifetime experience.


Studying Zoology