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Undergraduate Study

Flexible study

Flexible Combined Honours Scheme

This scheme enables you to combine modules from a number of different fields of study not otherwise available through an existing Combined Honours programme. See our Flexible Combined Honours section for full details.

Free choice modules

Many programmes include the opportunity to take up to a quarter of your studies outside your main area of study – this could be in another academic subject area, languages or to add some vocational elements such as a leadership module run by the Business School. We now also offer modules from the Business School at our Cornwall Campus too.

If you pass 60 credits of modules in specific subjects such as a foreign language or Entrepreneurship, you will be entitled to add the words 'with proficiency in [subject]' to your degree title when you graduate. Find out more about proficiency options.

You also have the option to take modules identified in our Sustainability pathways. These modules address different aspects of sustainability and will help prepare you for future work in a changing global environment.

Work experience

Many degree programmes have the option to include industrial placements, or employment experience, giving you practical experience in your chosen area of study. Opportunities are available in the UK as well as internationally. See individual programme pages for the options available.

Study abroad

You can broaden your horizons by studying for up to a year in Europe or, in certain degree programmes, North America, Australia or New Zealand (see our Opportunities abroad page).

Learn or improve your foreign language skills

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have additional language skills and whatever your degree, you can benefit from learning languages.

All our undergraduate modules are assessed and count towards your main degree. Where your degree allows it, you can choose 60 credits in one language enabling you to have ‘with proficiency in Spanish’ for example, added to your degree title. You could also take our modules to help you prepare for study in a foreign country (for example, on a ‘with European Study’ degree or for an Erasmus exchange).

If you have relevant prior language learning, we offer fast-track modules which enable you to progress to a higher level more quickly. We also have languages ‘for business’ that help you develop your knowledge of the language in a business context.

Modules are available at a range of levels from beginners to advanced in:

  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Cornish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

Visit the Foreign Language Centre site for more information.

Part-time study

Our Flexible Combined Honours scheme is available to those wishing to study part-time, and some of our other undergraduate degrees are also potentially available by part-time study. However, you should check with the relevant academic department to ensure that it is possible with respect to timetabling arrangements before you make a formal application (the contact details are given under ‘Programme information’ in the subject entries). A three-year undergraduate degree would typically take six years to complete by part-time study.

Fee and Course Grants are available for part-time students. For further information visit the Gov.UK Student Finance website.

You should apply directly to the University’s Admissions Office for part-time programmes and not through UCAS. Application forms are available from the Admissions Office and should be returned between 1 September and 30 June immediately preceding the October entry.