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Flexible Combined Honours

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Tailor your degree to suit your interests and career aspirations

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Opportunities for study abroad and/or work abroad or UK work experience

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46 subjects and pathways available to choose from at our Streatham and St Luke’s campuses

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9 subjects available to choose from at our Penryn Campus

Degrees at Streatham Campus, Exeter

Degrees at Penryn Campus, Cornwall

Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) offers a unique and appealing degree structure as it lets you study a range of subjects, related or totally diverse, in a very flexible manner. It allows you to develop a particular blend of knowledge and skills in line with your own subject interests and career objectives.

At its simplest level, FCH lets you combine two subjects where there is currently no existing Combined Honours degree at the University, for example ‘Geography and Economics’ or ‘Management and German’. It also offers the opportunity to study three subject areas, if compulsory modules allow – please ask about this before applying.

You are able to combine subjects across departments, including arts/humanities, sciences and social sciences, creating a cross-department degree such as ‘Biosciences and Philosophy’ or ‘Anthropology and Management’.

Alternatively, you can take modules from a variety of departments by studying one of our thematic pathways. For example, our ‘Sustainability’ pathway enables you to choose relevant modules from Geography, Politics, Management, Biosciences, Middle East and Arabic Studies, Anthropology and Sociology. Other thematic pathways include ‘Mediterranean Studies’, ‘Strategy and International Security’ and ‘Religion.’ Our thematic pathways can be studied on their own or in combination with other subject areas.

FCH will appeal to you if you wish to study a range of subjects, if you are not sure what disciplines you want to focus on yet, or if you wish to weight your credits to suit your strengths or areas of interest.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Exeter Cornwall campus. The tranquil setting combined with excellent quality of teaching has made it the perfect place to study.

The lecturers are experts in their fields and help all students to achieve their potential.

My course is so different from the norm, it makes everyday different. I couldn’t pick which route I wanted to take and University of Exeter’s Flexible Combined Honours scheme thankfully gave me the opportunity to do both. It has been really exciting to bring the two departments together where they would normally be so separate and meet different groups of people. I would really recommend the programme at Cornwall as people often don’t realise they can combine subjects that wouldn’t normally go together but its actually a great skill to have.

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BSc Mathematical Sciences and History