Airport Collection Service September 2017

When you have firmly accepted your offer to study at the University of Exeter you can reserve a place on our Airport Collection Service at Heathrow International Airport. Please note this service is only available in September and is not available for January Orientation students. 

There are different collection dates depending on which campus you are studying at.  For students studying at our Exeter campuses, the Airport Collection Services operate on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September.  For students studying at our Penryn or Truro Campuses in Cornwall, the Airport Collection Service operates on Thursday 14 September only.  You are responsible for making your own way to Heathrow for the coach service if your flight does not arrive here on these specific dates. 

You must allow at least 2.5 hours between your flight landing and your bus departure time. This time is so you can navigate luggage, customs and travelling between terminals.

Applications will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the booking deadline is 13 September (10 September for the Cornwall service). If you apply after this date we will email you to inform you if you have a place within 48 hours. The journey is approximately 3.5 hours to Exeter and 5.5 hours to Penryn, Cornwall after departing Heathrow.

Airport Collection Service to Exeter

Airport Collection Service to Cornwall

Cost: £40 Cost: £40 
This service is available to ALL students,
both new and returning.

Buses will depart from Terminal 5 at the following times:

Saturday 16 September - 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm

Sunday 17 September - 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4Update & Approvepm and 6pm

Please meet the arrivals team at Terminal 3 or 5 between 6am and

12 noon, or make your own way to the Mercure Hotel.

Buses will depart from Mercure Hotel, Heathrow at the following times:

Thursday 14 September - 11am, 12pm and 2pm

Book here.
Bookings close Wednesday 13 September midnight
Bookings are now closed for this service.

Terms and Conditions

You must read our terms and conditions carefully before making your booking.

Terms and Conditions for service to Exeter

Terms and Conditions for service to Cornwall

Arrival instructions: Heathrow to Cornwall

There will be an International Welcome Team from the University of Exeter at Terminals 3 and 5 on the Thursday 14 September for those travelling to the Penryn or Truro campuses. The team will be wearing bright t-shirts and holding University of Exeter and Falmouth University (the service is shared with Falmouth University students) banners!

Please allow adequate time between your flight arrival time and your coach time. Getting through customs, collecting your bags and getting to the Mercure Hotel Heathrow will take a bit of time; as a guide, we would advise at least 2.5 hours for this. It is your responsibility to leave enough time to meet us at Heathrow Terminal 3 or 5 by 12:00, or get to the Mercure Hotel for the last service that leaves prompty at 2pm.

The bus will take you directly to our Penryn Campus and from there we will take you directly to your accommodation. If you are in off campus accommodation in the local area we will transport you to where you need to go.

Arrival instructions: Heathrow to Exeter

All coaches will be leaving from Terminal 5. The International Welcome Team will assist you in your transfer to T5.
If you arrive at T2 or before 8am this is how you get to T5. 

T2 to T5

Follow signs for Heathrow Express (free). The train is every 15 minutes and the average journey time is 20 minutes.

T3 to T5

Follow signs for Heathrow Express (free). The train is every 15 minutes and the average journey time is 20 minutes.

T4 to T5

Go to bus stop 7 and take either bus no.482 or 490 (free), destination Heathrow Terminal 5). The average journey time is 20 minutes.


  • When you arrive at T5 please make your way to arrivals and find the International Welcome Team.
  • The International Welcome Team at T5 will check your booking and assist you. Please ensure you keep your luggage with you at all times unless instructed otherwise.
  • Please note that we will start to board each coach approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If your arrival has been delayed we will try to get you on the next coach if there is available seating but this might not be possible. If this is the case we will advise you of your options.
  • If you are seriously delayed and will not be able to make the 6pm departing coach please contact Christopher Dean on 07980 882 594.
  • Similarly, if you get lost and/or cannot find a member of the pink-shirted International Welcome Team, please telephone Christopher Dean on 07980 882 594.
  • Your coach will take you to the INTO Centre at our Exeter Streatham campus. From there we will provide shuttle buses to take you to your final accommodation. 

Travelling to Campus independently

If you wish to travel independently to the campus independently, please consult the following websites: