Council Tax

Council Tax is the system of local taxation charged to all residents in the UK by the local County Councils to part fund public services such as waste disposal, policing, fire service, schools etc. Council Tax charges are based on the value of your property and the number of occupants. For more information about Exeter Council Tax charges see Exeter City Council's webpage. For more information about Cornwall Council Tax charges see the Cornwall Council webpage.


  • Students on a full time course of over 24 weeks
  • INTO students studying on one type of course (ie. 'English') for a continuous 3 terms
  • Students in University accommodation or Homestay

Exeter City Council will be given a list of all registered students so students in the above categories living in Exeter should not be billed for council tax. If you do receive a bill, you can request an exemption letter from SID Desk or INTO.

At the Penryn Campus to receive a Council Tax exemption letter please email

NOT exempt:

  • Students studying for 2 terms or less (including Pre-sessional students) who are living in private accommodation

If you are a full-time student of the University of Exeter, you will be eligible for Council Tax exemption for up to 4 years of study.  This period may include up to 12 months continuation status.  At the end of this period you will become liable for Council Tax charges.