About Catered Halls

If you are living in the catered residences the food service is provided in the following way:

  • There are sixteen meals per week: breakfast and an evening meal seven days a week, and continental breakfast and brunch at weekends. Weekday lunches can be purchased at one of our many catering outlets
  • Dining facilities are in the residence that you live in, or close by, and are canteen-style service.
  • A vegetarian choice is always available.
  • If you require a special diet because of an allergy or medical problem please see your Residence Reception to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to do all we reasonably can to meet your needs.
  • In addition to our standard meal service we also organise a range of themed events throughout the year including: Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day etc.
  • Our Flickr image gallery shows typical examples of the food which is served in catered halls.

For information on the Covid-19 related measures we are introducing to support the provision of catering please visit our Accommodation COVID webpage. 

Breakfast Monday to Friday 7:30am-9.30am
Saturday 8.00am-10.30am
Sunday 8.30am-10.30am
Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11.00am-1.00pm
Dinner Monday to Sunday 5.30pm-7.30pm

If for academic, timetabling or society reasons, or if you have an unavoidable commitment and are unable to attend the dinner service please use the replacement meal form.

‌‌‌Term One Weeks

 The table below shows the week and which date of the term it relates to:

Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
02/05/2022  09/05/2022  16/05/2022  N/A
23/05/2022  30/05/2022  06/06/2022  N/A
 13/05/2022 N/A  N/A  N/A

Dinner Menus

Breakfast and Brunch Menus

Please note: Food items are to be eaten in the dining hall only and are not to be removed from this area unless prior authorisation has been given.

The University will not give refunds or discharges of the Licence Charge and this includes refunds for any meals that are not taken.

If a student is absent from catered accommodation for longer than ONE week due to illness they may apply to the Accommodation Office (in writing via SID marked for the attention of Accommodation Office Manager) for a refund of the meals for that period provided that their application is accompanied by a medical certificate.

The Accommodation Office will consider the request and will contact the student's College to confirm absence and the Residence Management Team to confirm that meals were not taken for that period. Any refund given will only be for the food costs for the period and will be returned to the student as a reduction via their University student account.

A refund is not an automatic entitlement and the University has reasonable discretion to determine whether a refund should be given.

If you are going to miss a meal and wish to order a replacement meal please use this order form.

Significant changes have been made to both the breakfast and evening meal menus to reflect the evolution of modern food trends and customer preference. Through extensive market research and by asking you, the customer, via student focus groups, the Residences Catering Team have developed a new innovative menu for the spring term.

Most significantly, the breakfast menu has been re-designed to better meet student requirements. Findings from our consumer focus groups identify the full English breakfast as a dated and unhealthy option. Therefore, items such fruit or vegetable smoothies, omelettes with a variety of fillings and a wider selection of fresh fruit have been introduced to help alleviate the unhealthy undertone to the meal. Further to this, daily specials are now on the morning menu. Items such as continental meats and cheeses, breakfast burritos, frittatas and American pancakes will compliment many of the morning favourites that will remain on offer. In addition, the evening meal has seen substantial improvement. By listening to our customers, we have been able to remove the less popular menu items and replace them with a number of modern, innovative and culturally diverse dishes as suggested by you.

These changes are not absolute. Work has already begun on a new menu for the summer term. Any suggestions or ideas that you may have to help us meet this task will always be greatly appreciated. Should you have a meal suggestion that you would like to bring to the attention of the Residences Catering Manager, then please complete a meal suggestion form.

In order for everybody to enjoy the community atmosphere we ask you to maintain a high standard of conduct and an appropriate dress code whilst in the dining room. For hygiene and health and safety reasons you will need to change from soiled sport wear before attending meals and always wear footwear. Please refrain from bringing alcohol into the dining room.

If you are in a catered residence you will be allocated a photo ID meal card and number on arrival. The purpose of these cards is to ensure that only those who have paid for and are entitled to the catering service in the halls can use it. Residents are asked for their cards numbers for checking at the door and anyone who does not have a meal card will not be served. Please be aware that the following would be considered as a disciplinary offence:

  • Refusing to identify yourself when asked
  • Behaving in an inappropriate manner towards staff members
Managers, Porters, University Security Estate Patrol and other Campus Services staff may also ask to see your ID card at any time, so you should carry it at all times.  It is a condition of your residence in halls that you produce this card when requested to do so – you could be delayed if you have to go back to your room for it.

Failure to show identification to an authorised member of staff is also a breach of University Regulations.

If someone asks to see your ID card you are entitled to ask them for identification. Do not hesitate to ask for identification from University staff or workmen who may seek access to your room in hall – genuine workman or members of staff will be able to produce it.

It is a disciplinary offence to give your meal card to anyone else or allow them to use it or to use someone else’s card.  If you use someone else’s card to obtain a meal, then you may be liable to disciplinary action and a financial penalty of a minimum of £50 may be imposed.

Where possible we look to use the finest local produce and the most ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Please view our sustainability case studies and the University's Sustainable Food Policy for further information.

Sustainable Restaurant Association accreditation

The University of Exeter has recently been bestowed with a national award by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, marking its commitment to sustainable dining for campus users. Find out more information via the University of Exeter sustainability news.

Awarded for contribution to farm animal welfare

In 2014 we were awarded a 'Good Egg Award' by Compassion in World Farming in recognition of our commitment to farm animal welfare. It has celebrated our commitment to sourcing and using only cage-free eggs.