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Accommodation in Exeter

Recycling and waste

The University actively promotes recycling and re-use throughout university accommodation to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. All residences are provided with bins and there are many recycling points located close to residences and around campus.  

Students living in a UPP residence can also find their collection schedule on this Recycling poster

What can be recycled?

Download the Recycling poster to see what items can be recycled at facilities close to your accommodation. 

Recycling bins

Any bins contaminated with even a small amount of incorrect waste will result in all content being sent to landfill. Please do not put plastic bags into any of the recycling containers as this contaminates the bin.

See the Quick Guide to Recycling for further information.

Avoid leaving rubbish bags beside the bins. If bins are full, please tell Reception staff.

Recycling bins should be cleaned out after they’re emptied.

Across campus, there are also: 

  • Hospiscare boxes provided for the collection of optical glasses and stamps. 
  • Collection points for battery recycling within your residence reception. 
  • British Heart Foundation donation points for unwanted clothes and shoes that can be used to raise money for the charity as part of the Moving On project. 
  • The Campus Services Helpdesk, which can help you with unwanted items that have the University logo and text. 

When disposing of your rubbish, please tie a knot in the bag and place it in one of the large bins near your residence. Avoid overfilling bags and make sure there isn’t any liquid leaking out when you’re carrying them through your building.

Sharp items, such as razor blades and glass, cannot be placed in residence bins for health and safety reasons. Please speak to housekeeping staff about how best to dispose these items safely. If you live in a studio and want to throw away these items, contact the relevant reception to obtain a secure container.  

At the end of term, students often have items they no longer want. We advise students to donate these items to the British Heart Foundation via the 'Moving On' project. Read all about it on our Moving out pages.

The University is committed to improving environmental performance by setting clear targets for waste and recycling, such as reducing the total amount of waste generated by 1% each year, recycling 45% of waste and composting 95% of our biodegradable waste.

Since September 2014, we've sent all our general waste to a waste-to-energy plant rather than landfill.

For further information about sustainability across the University’s campuses, please visit these sustainability pages.

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