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Accommodation in Exeter

Moving rooms or residences

It is normal to feel unsettled when you first move into your accommodation, and it can take time for you to adjust to new surroundings.

We have several support teams who can help you adjust to your new environment and throughout your time in our accommodation, including: 

Students moving into halls

What is the room move policy? 

We understand that starting university and moving away from home can be an unsettling period. Our experience shows that the vast majority of our students are very happy with their room once they have moved in and met their flatmates. For this reason, we do not process requests to move prior to the start of term and our advice would be that you accept your offer of accommodation to secure your bedspace and move in as planned.

If you wish to request a move:

  • log an enquiry via  SID Online from the beginning of September, once you have completed your University enrolment.  
  • Login with your IT username and password.
  • Look within the FAQ section for "Accommodation: Changing room or residence".  
  • After clicking "Log an enquiry" from these pages you should see a form to complete with a series of drop-down menus.
  • Please note that per section 2.6.1 of the Terms and Conditions of Residence, there is a £50.00 variation fee each time a student moves rooms.  

The process

  1. Submit your request following the steps above.
  2. You’ll receive an email from the Accommodation Team within 5 working days to confirm they’ve received your request.
  3. At the start of October, all students on the waiting list will be contacted through their SID enquiry, to see if they still wish to move rooms. Room move requests will  then start to be processed if there are available rooms.. 
  4. Requests from students with a supported medical requirement will be processed first. After this, student requests will be randomly selected from the waiting list as their preferences match the rooms available at that time. Requests are not dealt with on a first come, first served basis.  Therefore, you will only be contacted once a room matching your preferences is available and you are randomly selected from the waiting list. 
  5. During this process, if you need to update us about your request or have particular concerns about your situation, please contact the Accommodation Team by booking an appointment.
  6. Rooms may become available throughout the year, and as students move rooms to fill these vacancies this can mean that the additional lifestyle preferences we were initially able to meet, can no longer be met. We will, however, keep a flat as single gender as long as there are at least two students residing who requested this preference.