Cleaning and inspections

Primary responsibility for keeping your room (and ensuite facility if you have one) clean and tidy day-to-day lies with you. In self-catered residences the primary responsibility for keeping the communal kitchen and other areas clean and tidy on a day-to-day basis falls to all the residents of the flat. Please do not put pictures or posters anywhere other than on the notice boards. You will be charged for damage to the paintwork caused by nails, pins, Blu Tack™ or Sellotape™.

If a flat is reported by cleaners to be consistently inaccessible, or if standards of day-to-day cleanliness are below a reasonably acceptable level, the University may serve notice on the residents, requiring improvement by a specified date. If the required standard has not been met by the time of the follow-up inspection, the University may close the facility temporarily while it is professionally cleaned. The reasonable and properly incurred cost of such cleaning will be divided amongst the residents in the flat as an additional charge.

Cleaning, including vacuuming, takes place during the day. Residents who choose to sleep during the day should keep in mind that some noise in the communal areas is unavoidable.

You will need to provide your own cleaning products.

 At Clydesdale Court, Exeter One, James Owen Court, Nancherrow and in all studios, there is no cleaning service provided within the room and flat. The University will clean communal stairwells and corridors only in these residences. 

Staff normally work at varying times between the hours of 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Cleaning services will not be provided at weekends, bank holidays or University closure days.

Please note – it may not always be possible to maintain the normal service level standards when staff are on training courses, annual leave or absent due to illness. Campus Services will notify residents and will endeavour to maintain a service in the event of any absence.

The accommodation is cleaned on a regular basis. However, please note that patterns of service may vary in some circumstances (e.g. if staff are off work unwell or undergoing essential training). We will notify residents if there is a change to the service.

All bathrooms, toilets and showers will be cleaned in standard accommodation on the cleaning days and monthly in ensuite accommodation.

We will aim to give your room a thorough clean once a month. We will provide information on your notice board at the start of term telling you which day your room will be cleaned and by whom. However, staff may change during the term.

You must ensure that on your cleaning day:

  1. You are out of bed and dressed in good time.

  2. All belongings are tidied up off the floor and the desk, and the sink area is left tidy for it to be cleaned. If this is not done we will not clean your room and we will not come back to do it later. We will not give any rent rebates if you have not had your room cleaned.

Cleaning equipment can be found in the utility rooms. If you have any queries concerning the cleaning of your room please contact the residence reception.

For information about the cleaning services we provide, please see the Living together - our community section below.

No cleaning service is provided in your study bedroom. You will be expected to clean your bedroom (and ensuite facility if you have one) yourself.

A limited cleaning service is provided within the self-catering flats which includes the cleaning of communal areas, kitchens, corridors, entrances, stairwells, communal toilets, bathrooms and shower rooms on a regular basis. It is the residents’ responsibility to wash up and remove rubbish. The cleaners will not carry out their duties if they are obstructed from doing so by dirty dishes, pans etc.

Cleaning equipment can be found in the kitchen/lounge area. This consists of bin liners, a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket, and a dustpan and brush.
If you have any queries concerning your cleaning responsibilities or the service provided in your communal areas please contact your residence reception.

For James Owen Court, Nancherrow, Exeter OneClydesdale Court and King Edward Court, residents will be expected to keep the communal areas in the flat clean as well as the bedroom and bathroom themselves as there is no cleaning service provided.

No cleaning services are provided in any of our residences providing studio accommodation except for cleaning of communal corridors and stairwells.

For information about the cleaning services we provide, please see the Living together - our community section below.

Learning to live together with others is part of the student experience. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this is a welcoming and safe community, so please be aware of how your actions can affect others.

Our 2019 Living together - our community provides information and further advice if you are living in a catered or selfcatered residence where cleaning services are provided. It will also outline what you can expect from us regarding cleaning services and also what we expect of you.

If you live in one of the following residences which do not have a cleaning service provided i.e.

Our ‌2019 Community Living information gives guidance on what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.

Inspections and Charges

Regular inspections of bedrooms, kitchens and communal areas will take place to ensure standards of cleanliness are being maintained. At least 24 hours’ notice will be given of these inspections. Where the levels of cleanliness are not acceptable you will be advised on what steps you should take and the date for the re-inspection.

If inspections reveal a breach of your accommodation agreement you will normally be given a reasonable opportunity to put things right.
If you fail to rectify matters that have been drawn to your attention, or if the level of cleanliness is persistently not of an acceptable standard, staff may be employed to provide a cleaning service or put right other breaches, and the reasonable and proper cost incurred will be charged to you. Any costs will be added to your student account and throughout the year you can check your recent transactions and balance with the University of Exeter by accessing your online statement. This can be done by logging into your iExeter account and clicking on the ‘Student Record’ and ‘Finance’ tabs.
You will be expected to arrange a room inspection prior to the end of the period of residence. During this visit, any charges for damage or cleaning will may incurred will be confirmed to you.

A resident has a responsibility for keeping their bedroom and other communal areas clean and tidy. Residents will be advised in writing if, on inspection, their rooms have not been left in an acceptable condition and will be given the opportunity to remedy the situation within a given timescale.

The charges indicated below are a guideline only and this list is not exhaustive. Where necessary additional cleaning will be charged at £16.00 per hour (includes administration charge). Charges will be imposed if no/ inadequate attempts to clean by residents have been made or if communal areas have been wilfully left in a mess.

Area to cleanCharge
Bedroom £40.00
Ensuite facility/shower/
bathroom clean
Bedroom carpet clean £45.00
Complete kitchen clean £110.00
Entrance/corridor clean £35.00
Removal of bottles (build up) £0.50 per bottle
Internal clean of microwaves £10.00
Removal of graffiti £35.00-£100.00
Fridge clean £25.00
Defrost and clean freezer £45.00
Oven £45.00
Hob/grill clean £35.00
Cleaning of bodily fluids £30.00
Removal of rubbish £10.00 per bag/box
Removal of stickers/posters/drapes/
blue tack™/fairy lights/other small items

The charges listed below are for the removal of items which should not be in University accommodation.

Item(s) for removalCharge
Small electric appliances £12.00
Fridge £20.00
Furniture £20.00
Candles £10.00
Bicycle from residence or bike shed £20.00
To reset safe code £16.00

All charges will include an administration charge and VAT where applicable. Please note that the University will only be able to store small items. You will need to arrange for storage of larger items with a private company.