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Information for school pupils and teachers

Information for school pupils and teachers

Degree Apprenticeships offer an alternative cost-effective way of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree whilst gaining valuable work experience.

Students undertaking a degree apprenticeship will combine working with part-time study at university. The amount of time students spend with their employer or at university will depend on the programme, however students will stay employed with their employer for the full length of their degree apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeships are awarded by the relevant university and are equivalent to degrees earned via the full-time undergraduate route.

The University of Exeter currently offers four undergraduate level Degree Apprenticeships:

Enhance your career

Employers and students explain how a Degree Apprenticeship can enhance your career.

Working for EDF

Find out more about the experience of two degree apprentices working for EDF.

Working for IBM

IBM apprentice Lori French developed an Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot and won the UK IT Apprentice of the year award.

Frequently asked questions

  • Those undertaking a Degree Apprenticeship will earn a full bachelor’s or master’s without having to pay student fees
  • Students will receive a paid wage from their employer throughout their degree apprenticeship
  • Students will gain hands on work experience in their chosen career and therefore gain a head start in that field
  • Training costs are funded by the employer and the government.
  • Degree apprentices are paid and employed throughout the whole duration of their study
  • Degree apprentices are more likely to stay with their chosen company after completing their degree programme
  • Unlike students on full-time degrees that offer a year in industry, degree apprentices have no student fees.

Degree Apprenticeships can take between three to six years to complete; this will depend on whether students are undertaking a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

As apprenticeships are jobs, students will need to find employment with an employer who is supportive of degree apprenticeships. However, some employers and universities will jointly advertise their vacancies.

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Learning on University of Exeter Degree Apprenticeships are a mix on on campus learning and e-learning. The amount of each will vary depending on the course you are studying. Please see our undergraduate study pages for more information on specific programmes.


  • Held at the University’s Streatham Campus in Exeter
  • Brings all apprentices together from across the country.
  • Residential structure varies by programme:
    • Civil engineering: Two weeks block residentials four times a year
    • Digital and Technology Solutions: One week residential blocks three times a year, weekly online learning activities
    • Applied Finance: One day masterclasses once a month, weekly webinars and online learning activities
    • Diagnostic Radiographer: Three to five day block learning, three times per year

During residentials you will meet with fellow apprentices, and spend time with your academic mentor.


Include lectures, seminars and online collaborative work and are undertaken through the University’s electronic learning environment.

E-learning supplements and furthers the learning begun during residential and provides academic support for ongoing projects in the workplace.

As an apprentice you will undertake a wide variety of tasks, the exact nature of which will depend on your employer and the programme chosen. Some employers may even rotate your role between departments.

  • You’ll be working as part of a team
  • You will have real responsibility giving you hands-on, vocational training every day
  • At work you will be supported by your line manager and mentor

Current apprentices are working on exciting projects such as:

  • Helping to build Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station
  • Supporting international investment portfolios at JPMorgan
  • Supporting the UK’s weather predication systems at the Met Office



Degree Apprenticeships are easier programmes for people that cannot get through the ‘usual’ degree It is a tough program! You will have to develop time management skills very quickly. We look for the best students.
Regular students get better support University of Exeter degree apprentices get the same support as a regular students.
Lack of a proper University student experience All degree apprentices have residential periods on campus where you can immerse yourself in university life. You also have access to the Students Guild and all of the University of Exeter on campus facilities available to regular students.
You will not have academic mentor support as other students do Degree apprentices have an academic and an employer mentor who follow each student from day one.
I am not going to learn enough In fact you may be more attractive to future employers than students with a 'traditional' degree. As a graduate of a degree apprenticeship programme you’ll be working in an exciting and relevant job from day one of your studies, meaning you’ll have the both the professional and academic experience sought after by employers.