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Personal Safety

The Estate Patrol team can help with personal safety while you are living and studying at Exeter. As well as offering advice, they provide a variety of personal safety products to students for free, by collecting from one of the following locations:

  • Estate Patrol Office in Northcote House
  • Student Accommodation Receptions
  • The Ram Bar
  • Sports Park
  • SID desk at St Luke's campus

The Campus Safety Guide includes lots of tips and information to help you stay safe while on campus and out and about. You can also download the SafeZone app for free and you may prefer to use the Safer Walking Routes on campus, particularly on darker evenings.

Take a look below at the personal safety products available to students. Please note that even when using these products, you should still keep an eye on your drink and never leave it unattended.

Personal Alarms

These alarms come in a range of colours and sizes. Some have dual function alarm with a built in LED torch.

Bottle Stoppers or 'Spikeys'

These small reusable stoppers fit inside the top of your bottle. The small hole through the centre is just the right size to fit a straw through.  

Silicon Bottle Protectors

If you don't want to use a straw but still want to protect your bottle, these reusable silicon caps are perfect for popping on the top. 

Check Your Drink Strips

These safety test strips are simple to use. Just apply a drop of drink to each of the sides for an instant result.

Drink Safe Foil Covers

DrinkSafe covers are single use and are designed to fit on the vast majority of drinking glasses. The covers are designed so you can easily insert a straw protect your drink.