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Global Systems Institute

Policy briefing note series

The GSI policy briefing note series publishes pieces intended for communicating relevant science to members of the non-academic, business and policy-making communities, on the topic of global and earth systems governance. In particular, the intention is to offer an open-access repository for peer-reviewed, accessible but rigorously scientific notes to promote the use of robust science in decision-making. Our main focus is on policy addressing issues in global and environmental systems, including climate change. Our aim is to facilitate communication within the science-policy interface, offering evidence bases for decision-making.


Deciding how to decide Risk-opportunity analysis as a generalisation of cost-benefit analysis

GSI Working paper series number 2020/02

Simon Sharpe1*Jean-Francois Mercure2,3,4*Jorge Vinuales3Matthew Ives5,6Michael Grubb7Hector Pollitt3,4Florian Knobloch3Femke J. M. M. Nijsse2

1 Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL, UK

2 Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter, UK

Cambridge Centre for Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Governance,
University of Cambridge, UK

4 Cambridge Econometrics, Cambridge, UK

5 Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

6 Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, Oxford UK

7 Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London, UK

* Correspondance to: and


Upward-scaling tipping cascades to meet climate goals - plausible grounds for hope

Simon Sharpe1,2* & Timothy M. Lenton3*

1Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London
2UK Government Cabinet Office COP26 Unit
3Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Exeter EX4 4QE

*Correspondence to: