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Guide to completing an online DBS application form

University of Exeter uses an online DBS provider – First AdvantageOnlineDisclosures. You will need to register yourself using a PIN and secret word provided by the University.

Guidance for completing the online form is provided on the First Advantage website:

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the guidance before completing the online form.

Following registration with First Advantage OnlineDisclosures, you will be asked to complete the online form and select three identity documents to support your DBS application. Once you have submitted your form for verification by the University you will be asked to arrange a verification meeting for your identity documents.

PLEASE NOTE: if the University of Exeter has already seen you and taken copies of your DBS supporting identity documents at your course interview then you do not need to visit the University again to arrange a further verification meeting.

It is important that all addresses during the past 5 years are included on your form. Therefore any overseas and previous University addresses must be added to your online form. If these extra addresses are not included your form will be returned to you during the verification process.

Following successful verification of your online form by the University you will be sent an email by First Advantage OnlineDisclosures for payment. Once you have paid for your DBS check, the form will be countersigned and sent to the DBS.

We advise that you choose to receive email alerts from  First AdvantageOnlineDisclosures to confirm each stage of your DBS application once it has been submitted to the DBS.

The DBS certificate

The DBS certificate will be posted to the applicant only. The University of Exeter does not receive a copy of your DBS certificate and will receive the disclosure number and date of issue from First Advantage OnlineDisclosures of clear DBS certificates only. If you do not receive your DBS certificate within 14 days from despatch by the DBS you will need to follow this up with the DBS in case it has been lost in the post. You have a 90-day window to order a reprint from the DBS if this happens.

If the DBS certificate is not clear, i.e. it contains information about any previous criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings, we will contact you as we will need to see the original DBS certificate.