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Request a DBS Check

The University is required to ensure that any student carrying out work as part of their course with children or adults in certain scenarios has undergone the Disclosure and Barring (DBS) disclosure process.
It is important to balance the need to avoid over-checking with the need to undertake an appropriate check. If you are unsure as to whether a check is required, this DBS guide may assist. 

The following links may also be useful:

In addition, this guide may help you in assessing the level of check required before completing the pro-forma.

Do any of the students in the cohort have a current DBS disclosure carried out through the University of Exeter? If they have joined the update service and the check required now is to cover the same workforce, and type of check and not a volunteer activity, we may be able to rely on their existing check. We will need to see the original DBS certificate to verify this.


If you have been advised to obtain a DBS disclosure for your course, please complete this form so that we may advise you on this matter

Cohort: College /Staff use only

If you are a departmental administrator or programme director and believe that your programme may require a DBS disclosure for your course, please complete this form so that we may advise you on this matter.

Please note that no placement involving regulated activity can take place before the official disclosure is received, and there should be no exceptions to this under any circumstances.

You will need to allow at least 6 weeks for the DBS process to be finalised. The DBS certificate will be dispatched to the applicant only and it is their responsibility to forward the original certificate to us before the DBS process is deemed satisfactory and complete.

For further information, please contact: