Theology and Religion

Postgraduate students study broadly in the areas of biblical studies, patristics, Christian doctrine, philosophical theology, and the ethical, social and political implications of Christian theology. Some choose inter- or multi-disciplinary topics and there are close links with other disciplines in the College of Humanities and Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.

Theologians, philosophers, biblical scholars and historians join in one united research culture to exchange and develop ideas. 

Professor Morwenna Ludlow, Head of Theology and Religion

Studying in the Department of Theology and Religion allows you to engage with some of the big questions which have fascinated people for many centuries. Our rigorous but varied and innovative programme allows you to pursue these questions from different angles: Biblical studies, history, literature and the visual arts, philosophy and theology. We also use insights from other humanities disciplines and the social sciences. Our modules are led by our research, but our research is also shaped by learning from our students!

Professor Morwenna Ludlow, Head of Theology and Religion

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